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This Day Is THE BEST DAY of the Week to List Your Home For Sale

Real estate agents all seem to have their own little tricks that they claim set them apart from all the other agents you are considering to assist you with selling your home (ie. advertise your home on social media, post to Facebook Market Place, professional photos to embellish your home’s features, flashy virtual tours to pop your home’s listing to the top of Zillow’s search engine, etc., etc.). These things all work to some extent (I have done all of these), but the past 5 years in this business have taught me one thing most agents have no clue about: The key to selling a house FAST for the BEST price is to list your home on THURSDAY.

Why Thursday? Thursday is the day many prospective homebuyers start to plan which homes they want to look at for the upcoming weekend, so they browse all the real estate websites Thursday evening after work and email their agent the addresses of which homes they want to see for the upcoming weekend. Within minutes of when I click the “Publish New Listing” button in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), poplular home searching website like Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, and yes, my website, pounce on that information and email it to anyone and everyone who has saved a search for similar homes. By triggering all those email alerts and appearing at the top of real estate search results as new listings at the exact time buyers are making their weekend plans, more people see your home’s listing. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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So why not Friday? Friday is actually a very close second place, in my opinion – for the same reasons. Saturday tends to be my busiest day for showing requests, but Sunday isn’t far behind; therefore, listing your home on a Friday means your home’s listing will appear at the top of search results Friday when more people have a tendency to be browsing for homes and making their weekend plans than actually working. Again, the key is timing when it comes to the online marketing world we live in.

Saturday is not a terrible day of the week to list. Many people go home after a long day of showings on Saturday and browse to see what new listings are out there that they may be able to see on Sunday or where the open houses are for the week. The only trouble with Saturday is that you missed out on the busiest showing day of the week for your listing debut.

What about the other days of the week? No disrespect to Monday (ok, we all hate Mondays), but that also happens to be THE WORST DAY to list your home for sale, and it really boils down to the same logic that makes Thursday the best day to list. Many buyers do not have time for home showings during the week due to work conflicts, so searching for homes to see may not be top of mind for many. The same holds for Tuesday and Wednesday, just to a lesser degree each day. And Sunday, I didn’t forget about you. Sunday is a distant fourth place. The biggest problem with listing on Sunday is that many of the buyers who may have been interested in your home are already under contract on different homes they looked at on Saturday.

So, in order, the best days to list your home in order are: 1) Thursday, 2) Friday, 3) Saturday, 4) Sunday, 5) Wednesday, 6) Tuesday, and in last place, as usual, poor old Monday. Sorry Monday, maybe next time.

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