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Is Masters Week the Time to Score a Hole in One on a Home?

By any definition, the Augusta housing market has been more competitive than those Sunday showdowns between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson back in their glory days, but Masters Week could provide a small window of opportunity for home buyers to score a hole in one in this insane market. Read on to find out why.

If you are new to the Augusta area and not yet familiar with Masters Week in Augusta, this place basically SHUTS DOWN for the week, and many (probably most, but I don’t have statistics to back that up) locals skip town for the week. Since schools are always on spring break the week of Masters, this is when many, if not most, locals choose to take a family vacation. In addition, many families rent out their homes to visitors who come to town for the tournament, so probably half or more of Augustans leave town the entire week the tournament is in town. To give you an idea of just how many people rent their homes out, spring break extends through the Monday after Masters to give families a day to move back into their homes.

This means that many locals planning to buy a home, will likely put those plans on hold until after the tournament. This means fewer home shoppers, and fewer home shoppers means less competition for home buyers and a better chance to score a decent deal on a home, or at least to actually GET a home.

The only drawback is that there are also fewer homes listed Masters Week than before or after the tournament, which I suppose partially offsets the drop off in home shoppers, but this drop off isn’t as sharp as you may think, and homeowners who do list during Masters Week are often motivated to sell their home quickly. And, that is good for home buyers,

The bottom line is that I wouldn’t get my hopes up to score a bargain on a home in this market, but there is a temporary lull in the Augusta and Fort Gordon market tournament week, and that can be a good thing for home buyers frustrated by the current market. Add in the fact that the majority of real estate agents skip town for Masters Week as well and are unavailable to help their clients, and you may actually have a snowball’s chance in a fireplace of securing your next home, since the pool of buyers shrinks, even if only for a few precious days.

Note: I am in town and available Masters Week, so if you need someone to assist you with buying your next home, or selling your current home, call or text me at 706-726-2981 or email me at

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