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Did You Know the Holidays are The Most Wonderful Time of the Year to Buy a Home?

Now that the song is stuck in your head, did you know that the holidays can be THE BEST time of year to buy a home and quite possibly THE WORST time of year to sell a home? Here’s why:

The holidays are traditionally the slowest time of year in the real estate market, for exactly the reasons stated above. Most people ARE too busy to tie up their previous holiday time looking at homes or go through the teeth pulling process of applying for a mortgage. However, for those who must move or can carve out the time in their busy schedules, this means less competition from other buyers and a reduced likelihood of multiple offers, and that means you could score a good deal (or at least a better deal) on your next home. Sure, many people are also too busy to sell their homes during the holidays, so inventory can be a bit scarce this time of year, BUT those who are willing to sell amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays tend to be highly motivated, and a motivated seller is music to a buyer’s ears. Add in the fact that there are fewer buyers during the holidays than other times of the year, and you may just be able to score your dream home without having to pay a nightmare of a price.

If you are ready to take advantage of this narrow window of opportunity, fill out the information form below, then get prequalified with my lending partner, McKenzie Cochran with Colony Bank, and I will show you why the holidays really can be The Most Wonderful Time of The Year to Buy a home!

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